Glossworkz Auto-Detailing

​was started in April 2011 by Mark Johnston, a professionally trained car care specialist.  

We are based in northern ireland and offer professional car cleaning services. Our specialties are paint correction, swirl and scratch repair, paint protection and high end detailing to show car standard.

Why spend thousands of pounds on a car and then take it to a car valeting centre/car wash to be washed with dirty sponges that have washed hundreds of vehicles before yours. This is where your Swirls/defects come from, poor wash techniques.

Only the finest car care products are used and we are always experimenting with new products from the leading brands to make sure the best possible finish is achieved.

​Glossworkz have prepared cars for numerous car shows and photo shoots where the best possible finish is required.

Glossworkz can also offer car cleaning tips on how to clean your car properly so it can stay defect free for as long as possible.








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