Paint correction is the process of removing swirl marks, scratches or Holograms and buffer trails from your cars paint. 

Swirl marks are fine scratches in circular or spider web type patterns in the paintwork.

These are caused by poor wash technique for example brush type car washes or grit trapped between the cars paint and a traditional sponge during washing.

These are often the cause of dull paintwork as the full gloss and shine cannot be appreciated. Scratches in the paintwork can be reduced or removed by machine polishing.

As a general rule if you can catch your fingernail in a scratch then it cannot be fully removed by machine polishing alone.

​Full removal would require touching in the scratch with paint, wet sanding and then machine polish the area to remove the sanding marks and restore the shine. 

Holograms and buffer trails are left on the paint surface from poor or inexperienced machine polishing were the cars paint hasnt been refined properly. 

Here are some examples of paint correction, one panel has been corrected using machine polishing the other panel has not been touched 


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What is Paint Correction?