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Why is protecting your car in the winter months so important?

Two words that come with winter is 'road

salt'.   Road  salt  is  used  to  de - ice  the roads, it can also be very harmful to your vehicle  if  you’re  not  careful.  A  durable wax   or   sealant   is   recommended   to protect   your   vehicle  from  the harmful weather   conditions  that  winter  brings.

Applying a wax or sealant to  your  vehicle in  the  winter  is  a must,  not  waxing  will leave it vulnerable to  things like ultraviolet light,  salt,  dirt,  rain,  bug  guts,  and  bird poop. Wax builds up a protective layer on your  vehicles  clear  coat, dirt  etc will  not cling and will easily wash off  with minimal pressure  protecting  the  clear  coat from swirls and scratches.    

Washing your car on a regular basis especially during the winter months is important, if your vehicle  has  a  good  layer  of  wax  or sealant applied this job will be very easy.  Most  of the grime will come off  using  the power- hose, if you have the added  bonus of  having  a snow foam lance, foam  the  vehicle  first  then rinse off   the   snow   foam,  then  wash  using  safe methods i.e lambswool mitts and use minimal pressure.

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